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Online Session with Kjetil on Zoom

You will get an invitation link before the session on e-mail

  • 45 minutter
  • Online via Zoom


In an online healing/coaching/craniosacral session we meet face to face online for a session to work on whatever is holding you back from living your souls purpose in this life. Kjetil is an experienced shamanic healer, coach, mentor and craniosacral worker with more than 10.000 hour hans-on experience with clients and students the last 15 years. He have an unike approach to healing work you will not find anywhere else. He is educated in many different healing modalities, but craniosacral work is his speciality. Kjetil does not work directly with symptoms or diagnosis, but he see every physical, mental or emotional pain as a spiritual guidance from the soul. He work mostly as a coach and mentor for people who want to work with themself over a period of time to become more aligned with their life purpose and soul essence. He also take a few single session every. When you book and come to a session with Kjetil he will first talk with you, read you energy and suggest a treatment plan for you before you starting to work. If you want quick fix session Kjetil is not the right person for you. He prefer to work with people who is ready to take responsibility for their situation. When you work with him you must be ready to take a deeper dive into yourself. We use zoom for all online session. Before the session you will get an invitation link on e-mail. No dowloads needed. Contact me on phone or sms to 979 45 223 or for booking.


Avtaler må avbestilles eller endres minimum 48 timer før avtale for å unngå at du blir belastet full pris for timen.


+ 97945223


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