Learn the art of visionary healing

Craniosacral work is a natural and holistic healing method based on the use of intuitive skills and conscious touch.  We listen deeply, move energy and spirit, make small adjustments of bone structure, work directly with central nervous system, muscles and connective tissue and interact with the body's own intelligence, with the intention of personal and spiritual growth, and to bring the body, mind and soul back to health and balance.

What is a Eana Cranio practitioner?


In every old culture all around the globe there have always been shamans, healers and visionaries. Shamans was ofte the spiritual leaders in their community, and was often experts in the art of healing, seeing and interpret visions and intuitive information. They lead people in their community in the matters or health, heart and spirit. They often had a sentral role and still have in some cultures. Some was natural healers, herb experts, or poets and storytellers, others was counsellors for the people or for the leaders in the society. 

Shamans, healers and visionaries comes in all form and shapes. It can be the guy who delivered your pizza yesterday, the woman made you cappuccino this moring in the cafè, the leader of the company you work for or the mother of four children living next door.


In todays modern society, our consciousness is different, we have evolved. In the era we live now, almost anyone who offer their time and silence has the possibilities to develop their intuitive skills and become a visionary and use the skills in their own personal life, for others, or for the greater good.

The word shaman mens “one who see”. To really be able to “see” behind the veil of illusion one need offer time and silence and have the right guiding and tools. The Vaajma practitioner training gives you the tool and guidance on how to develop thees skills, the rest is up to you. 


Our teachings are universal and do not belong to any specific tradition.

It is said that "the one who see with their heart can see the truth behind the veil”.  In many old culture and traditions we find words, art and symbols that tells us this. Modern science confirm this.


Who enrols our cranio practitioner training?

Many of our students have or wish to give their life to the field of healing arts. Some of them has undertaken a lot of different trainings before and wish to add more tools to their toolbag. Many of our students are health workers, psychologists, coaches, chiropractors, osteopaths, yoga instructors, massage therapists m.m. Others take their first step into the field of healing arts and close our training as the foundation of their future professional healing path. 

Leaders from the business world enroll our training to develop their visionary leadership skills and become better leaders in their chosen professional path. 

About 50% of the students have no wish to become a professional healer, leader or visionary, but they join the training for their own personal- and spiritual growth process. as they find the right tools to support their healing journey, the right guiding and a heartfelt community here at our Academy that give them the necessary support on their soul journey in this life

Why becoming Cranio practitioner?


Times are changing. 

We are under a rapid evolution on the planet in thees times. We can see it everywhere. Tings change faster then ever before. There are good things happening on the planet. Many people are waking up to en new reality, to a different state of consciousness, the old way does not work anymore, the new ways are not integrated yet and the world is not yet rigged to met the new ideas and consciousness. Sadly the rapid evolution also lead to more imbalances. Imbalances within our self and imbalances in nature, as our way of living is not really connected to nature and we are not able to live in sustainable way yet. 

As a practitioner you will be trained to help people back on their right track, in alignment with their own nature and soul. You wll be trained to inspire, motivate and help people create new understanding about themselves and the way of life on this planet. But first of all you will be trained to help yourself back on track. Helping others will be an extension of your way of living and being. 


As we see it 

The world needs more visionaries, therapist, coaches healer and people who genially cares about other people and are willing to do a job for the greater good. Being a Eana practitioner does not men that you always should work as a therapist using your gifts in the therapy room. Many of the greatest visionaries healers do their jobb i other professions. Inspiring, healing and coaching people trough art or leadership, or just by genuin heart felt care for those around them. 

A Eana practitioner is a new kind of healer or coach, our practice are build on ancient ways of guiding people back to balance and empowerment, done with a new consciousness. We honour the old way of doing things, at the same time we see the need for changes into å more aligned and effective way of working with health and human growth. 


Developing our senses 

Shamans and wisemen has always know how to access different senses, and intuitive channels, they have always known how to change into different states of consciousness and work with visions, and energy information and fields. In the old Vedas, some of the oldest scriptures on the planet it is mentioned that humans have 108 senses to be developed. Sadly most of us use only a few of them

Modern sciences have come a long way and have confirmed at least 30 different human senses that all can be accessed and trained, just like i muscle. Science also confirm that we only use about 20% of our brain on a daly basis. By learning how to access and use our senses more we develop our bodymindsoul system and become a greater version of our self.  In our training we focus on developing senses like seeing with the inner eye, listening with the inner ear, seeing with the heart, feeling the others with our empath channel, our ability to sense and move life energy with our hands, the ability to sense and read energy fields, ability to access the timeline and to access our alarmsystem connected with the vagus nerve. 


Learning the anatomy. 

To train our brain ans senses we study anatomy to get a greater understanding of our self and how the human body works. Our basis anatomy training focus on what we call the craniosacral system. The craniosacral system includes the the central nerve system, the brain, the cerebrospinal fluid, the system of membranes inside the cranium, all 22 cranial bones, the spine and the sacrum.

We do learn energy anatomy. mening we develop our understanding that every bone, muscle or ligament, in the body has a specific mening not only physical but also psych-emotionally. 

By understanding this we can read and palpate the bodymindsoul system and understand where to touch or where to focus our energy in order to help our self or the one in from of us to come out of pain and suffering and into alignment. 




"Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

--Albert Einstein