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Different states of expanded awareness

Shamanic drum journey`s

Finding your point of balance

The art of listening

The four elements and seven directions

Different planes (worlds)

Working with archetypes and mythology

In this module we will learn the basic of the ancient shamanic knowledge that have been kept and cultivated since ancient times by the indigenous people of the earth, in a practical and direct way, by learning how to go into different states of awareness and learn from nature directly. You will be given the basic tools in shamanic work and together we will investigate the wisdom of nature and shamanic knowledge. 

You will be given opportunity to understand in a direct and practical way the basic building blocks of our existence, and how you can use this ancient knowledge to live a more balanced and happy life in the modern world. 


Shamanic heart meditation

Nature of the Heart psychology
Empathic understanding

Deepening the connection your heart and the heart of mother earth and universe.
Shamanic heart constellations

Rituals and ceremonial work

This module is dedicated to healing and understanding of the heart, connection to mother earth`s heart, and the heart of the universe. We do the work together during the weekend , in a supportive, natural and caring environment. So that you can feel safe to let go of old patterns and restrictions that have been holding you back from living the life you are ment to.


Relationship work

Shamanic cord cutting

Walking down the timeline - healing the past

Connection to the ancestral line and helping spirits

Use of the natural elements in healing work

Inner alchemy and sexual wisdom (no partner work during workshop)

This weekend we dive deeper into shamanic practise. We start with the healing work of our relationships and the family line. When investigating our close relationships we often meet our true self as well as our shadow sides. We are the living manifestation of our family line, so we must also work on healing this line to heal our self. We also go into sexual healing and wisdom. (no sexual practice during workshop) You will be given tools to heal you own sexuality, that is you creative life force, and learn to cultivate this principal energy inside yourself. 


Workshop hours for every module:


Friday 16.00 to Sunday 18.00

The workshops will be given in a natural enviroment on a farm 1 hour from Oslo. More details will follow when you apply. 

We work, eat and stay together the whole weekend. The use of any drugs or alcohol is banned during the workshops.

3 simple meals a day included.

We make the food together on turn.

Typically food plan: 

Morning: Fresh juice, cereals or porridge.

Mid day: Fresh smoothies and salads

Evening: Warm vegetarian meal and salads.

If you have allergies or specific food needs, you need to tell us about this when applying, and we will try to meet your needs, as long as it is not too special.

Instructions in Norwegian and English.

Maximum 16 students to ensure good follow-up and quality of education.  

Closed Facebook group for students that gives you a network where the students can support each other and share experiences and support each other in the personal processes.  

Mentorship online at scheduled times on request, where you can ask questions and get guidance in your personal process.  

Diplomas are awarded for each module upon request.


Apply to single module 5.500,- NOK

Alle 3 modules: 15.000,- NOK

startup Autumn 2020

Date will come later

More workshops in this series will be added.

Welcome to join us on the path of the shamanic heart. A soulful way of living in harmony with yourself and mother nature.



You do not become a shaman after joining this workshops.  

It is a opportunity for you to benefit from ancient shamanic knowledge in the prosess of healing yourself, your family line, your relationships and the future generations of human kind. You will also be given the opportunity to learn basic shamanic work and learn how to live an harmonious life in the modern society.

You will be given some of the tools that indigenous people have been using for thousands of years inside the tribe, to secure a harmonious way of living with each other and mother nature. We share only knowledge that can not be misused in any way.

If you have a history of psychiatric diagnosis or heavy medical use. We need to know when applying. That doesn't mean you can't join, we just need to know.

The academy claim the right to dismiss a student at any given time if ethical guidelines are broken.

If you are interested in joining these workshops, send us an email and tell about your interest and we will let you know when the dates are ready. mail@





Eana shamanic heart path offers heartfelt, grounded and practical based approach to life, nature, health and spirituality. Here you will find no dogmas or doctrines. How we see it, it`s not about philosophy or techniques. It can`t be understood by the intellectual mind. It`s all about your relationship to your own heart, and the dialog between heart, nature and spirit.

There are no recipes when living from the heart, since we all are different, we are all a flower in the great bouquet called life and we all have our unike gifts to share to the world, and we all perceive life and nature different.


A direct approach to life and nature

Come walk the path with us and experience how this ancient, living, inspired shamanic traditions can help you live a balanced, happy and joyful life in the modern world.

Join one of our event`s and meet a network of inspired soul`s, who heal, support, inspire and empower each other.

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