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Kraniosakral Utdanning

Oppstart i Oslo og Bergen september 2021

MODULE 1: Basic Training

4 days training + 4 hours online teaching

Class teachings: 40 hours

Self study: 20 hours

In this first module we will focusing on creating a safe and good learning environment for the group. Understanding the foundations and basics of the work and learn how to take care of our self on physically, mentally, emotional and spiritual level. We will learn 12 basic craniosacral tecniques , 2 different meditations and learn how we easily can come into balance, and from there access our intuitive channels. We will also be working on the deeper understanding of how the body-mind works.




Mirror work


Neutrality & balance 

Basic craniosacral tecniques

The breath of life

Microcosmic orbit

Self care & self healing techniques

​Craniosacral anatomy;  bones of the skull



Meeting, greeting 

Spiritual practice: 

Mirror work

  • Shadow mirror, light mirror, neutral mirror, no mirror


The history of cranio work

Theory of grounding

The craniosacral waves

The breath of life

Microcosmic orbit




1:1 work on grounding 



Meditation & sharing

Spiritual practice: 

Finding your point of balance 

Neutrality, clearing your field 


The difference between Bio mechanics, Bio dynamics & Visionary (shamanic) work

Basic craniosacral techniques from William Sutherland

The core link

Craniosacral anatomy;  bones of the skull


Finding your point of balance 

6 Basic craniosacral techniques

  • Sacrum hold

  • Occipital hold

  • Core link

  • Occipital/frontal couple hold

  • Frontal release

  • Temporal release



Meditation & sharing

Spiritual practice: 

Awareness of personal boundaries 


Craniosacral anatomy; the bones of the skull

The craniosacral system

  • palpation

  • 7 directions

  • flexion / extension


6 Basic craniosacral techniques

  • Mandible release

  • Maxilla release

  • Zygomaticus hold

  • Sphenoid hold

  • Nasal hold

  • Parietal hold



Meditation & sharing

Spiritual practice: 

Finding your clearest intuitive channel?


The intuitive channels;

  • Inner eye channel

  • Inner ear channel

  • Inner smell/ air channel

  • Empath channel

  • Hand channel

  • Heart channel

Introducing the cranio process form & client form

Craniosacral balancing work


Conscious use of your strong channel 

Feeling the wave

Full circle microcosmic orbit balancing session



6 modules over 1 year

You apply for 1 semester at the time. (3 modules). 

Two different Tracks:

Experimental track:

Many students apply for personal reasons, to do personal- and spiritual work, learn energy work and shamanic work, and to grow as a human being. 

Diploma track:

For you who join to become a professional healer or terapist or already are one and want to increase you're professional competence.

If you want to become a professional therapist, after completed module 1-6, you need a practice period with clients over at least 6 months before you can join the master classes, module 7 and 8.

If you have completed an craniosacral education with us or in an other school you are welcome to apply to join any workshop module to refresh and increase your competence, or do self work.

Class Hours for every module:

Fridays 16.00-21.00

Saturdays and Sundays 10.00-19.00

Mondays 10.00-16.00

Instructions in Norwegian and English

Curriculum books in English only. 

We use the books: "Heart of listening" Vol. 1 and 2 by Hugh Milne. 

Maximum 22 students to ensure good follow-up from teacher and quality of education.  

One practice evening is set up between each module where students can meet to practice together and share their experience and process.

Students who is on the Diploma track practice techniques on clients in between the modules at their own pace.  

Individual exam when you are ready for it. Earliest 3 month after module 8 has been completed. (Exam cost 2500,- NOK) with "multiple choice" theory part from home and practical part on client with teacher present.  

If you are on the diploma track you need to have received at least 10 session outside student classes from the teacher or a student who is qualified by the school, before you are qualified for the exam.

To qualify for exam, you also must have documented at least 275 hours of self-study and practice on clients and have participated in at least 80% of the teaching hours.  

If you miss a module, you can resume on the next occasion.  

If you want to repeat a module you can do it later at a reduced price.  

Closed Facebook for student group that gives you a network where the students can support each other and share professional experiences and support each other in the personal processes.  

Mentorship with teacher online at scheduled times on request, where you can ask questions and get guidance in your personal and professional process.  

Possible to apply as assistant teacher on modules you have completed.  

Diplomas are awarded for each module upon request.

Diploma for completed Eana craniosacral therapist education after passing the exam.  

As a student you can apply for membership to the Norwegian healer association (Det norske healerforbundet) or Norwegian craniosacral association (Kraniosakral foreningen Norge), to become a registered healer, or craniosakral therapist, and apply for exemption from MVA tax in Norway if you work and live there.

You apply to one semester at the time.

Price: 15.500,- NOK for one semester.

o secure your spot you need to buy the product in the webshop and pay the fee with credit card, Paypal or choose invoice and pay the student fee within 14 days after applying. According to Norwegian law you have 14 days but no later than 3 days before startp module 1. after applying to regret the contract. No payback of money for any reason after that.

Welcome to join us on this magical process of becoming more of who you are in your soul, and learn to help others to become more of them. Together we trive.


Workshop schedules: 

Module 1:

Oslo: 29.3-1.4. 2019

Stavanger: 5-8.4.2019


Module 2:

Oslo: 26-29.4.2019

Stavanger: 24-27.5. 2019


Module 3

Oslo: 10-13.5.2019

Stavanger: 20-23.9-2019


Module 4:

Oslo: 7-10.2.2019

Oslo: 6-9.9.2019

Stavanger: 25-28.10.2019


Module 5:

Oslo: 6-9.6.2019

Oslo: 4-7.10.2019

Stavanger: 22-25.11.2019


Module 6:

Oslo: 12.9-15.9.2019

Oslo: 1-4.11.2019

Stavanger: 14.-17. Februar 2020


Modul 7 and 8


Autum 2020


The academy claim the right to dismiss a student at any given time if ethical guidelines is broken.

If you have a history of psychiatric diagnosis or heavy medical use. We need to know when applying. That does men you can't join, we just need to know.

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