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Awaken the Shamanic heart

3 days workshop where we dive into nature's elements and learn how we can directly and conveniently use these elements to create harmony and joy in our life in modern society.

Ever since the first morning, the wise have talked about the nature elements and how everything goes in circles and that there is an overall structure that controls the whole existence, but few have understood what they talked about, and the wisdom of what things are related to have been available a only for the few.

But we are entering a new era (we are already there) where the wisdom is available to all of us. Most of us also see that the old structures the community and our life are built on are no longer sustainable. But what now? In the new era one person do not have an entire answer, but we all keep pieces in the big mystery - the puzzle we call life. By meeting in a sacred circle and traveling into the spirit world toughener we find answers and every bit of the truth, and when we share our piece with others' pieces of wisdom in a circle, and work together to find a holistic understanding, an inner and outer transformation takes place. Alchemy simply. This evening is dedicated to returning to the wisdom of how things are connected to a fundamental plan.


Friday 18-22

Welcome ceremony and shamanic drum trave and dance experience where we enter the elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air to learn direct from the elements and we allow the power and wisdom of the drum and the movement to embark on a magical journey into the nature elements and our own heart.

Kjetil will first lead us through a meditation, which makes us come in a relaxed way. and expanding the state of awareness, from there we travel together, using the drum's power and vibration into the world of the spirits, seeking information and understanding of life. Perhaps we also meet some of our guides on the road, or meet new insights or get visions of how to heal ourselves on a fundamental level, or how to live the life we ​​have always dreamed of. Afterwards, we will dance and move to get to know the elements and to take in the wisdom and power they give us into our body. 


Saturday 10 - 18 / Sunday 10 - 18 

Saturday we will explore the elements of air, fire, earth and water in depth and share the wisdom and insights we meet on the road in the circle. There will be drumming, dancing, bonfire, silence and learning in direct contact with the nature elements.

On Sunday we will explore the power of the heart and make a shamanic heart constellation where we transform and integrate wisdom and knowledge from the two previous days into our hearts before we end with a beautiful shamanic fire ceremony.


You will be able to experience different ways of integrating your own healing and chances to see new abilities and gifts you can take me on the road.

In our greatest challenges lies our greatest healing and power - it is just waiting to be expressed. When you take responsibility for your own healing you heal your environment and family line as well.


There is served vegetarian dinner and coffee / tea & snacks .....


A little about Kjetil:

Kjetil Kvalvik (41) is from Finnmark and is of Norwegian-Sami descent. Sami shamanism and deep contact with the nature of the spirit world has been a natural part of his life as long as he can remember.

After a life-transforming experience in the 20's, he began to work as a healer and therapist. He has traveled a lot around the world and sought out tools for personal- and spiritual development. He is inspired by both worlds, Shamanism, Taoism and Yogic Practice and Philosophy, and is educated in several different healing modalities, but his specialty is craniosacral work that can be traced back to an ancient shamanic healing practice. He has run his own school since 2009, where he educates healers and therapists

Since 2005 he has conducted various workshops, retreat and courses in Norway, Germany, Sweden, Spain, India and Italy and elsewhere. In recent years, Kjetil has turned more and more back to his roots in Sami Shamanism, which also reflects on his workshop, courses and treatments.


What do you have to bring?

Drum / rattle if you have :)

Bring something from nature to the center of the circle, a stone, flower, fruit, mushroom, seed, king or whatever you feel you should bring into the circle. This will afterwards be given back to nature. Also bring a personal totem. A rock, jewelery, symbol or something you use to remind you of what's important in life. If you do not have that, then it's a good opportunity to get it. During the journey and the ceremony we will leave these with energy.




2800,- nok

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